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Shea Butter Souffle: Available In A Variety Of Different Scents & Textures

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Benefits of Shea Butter

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After Using Our Divine Concepts Whipped And Creamy Organic Shea Butter Souffle, Witness Your Skin 's Transformation From The Amazing Benefits Of The First Application.

Our Shea Butter


Growing up I always had dry skin. I could put lotion on but within an hour I would be back ashy. Which resulted in me having to apply lotion multiple times through out the day just to stay moisturized......Until I started using Divine Concepts Shea butter!!!! Their Shea butter is like no other. It was easy to apply on my skin. Soon as I applied the butter I noticed a difference. My skin was smooth, and shining. I use this product every day. Cant imagine using anything else. This product is all natural with no added chemicals. My skin is now shining, shining, shining, shinning Yea!!!

T. Wilsons

I found the Shea butter to be a great moisturizer penetrates the skin & leaves a barrier of protection that is very soft to the touch & stays on. It also can be applied to your hair for shine & conditioner... I use this product on my total body...no longer do I use lotion.♡♡♡♡

L. Ellis

I have extremely dry skin Shea butter took away the itch immediately, soothingly.

T. Alston

I have tried divine concepts Baby powder, sweet grape,lemon grass, and vanilla. I find this to be a wonderful product that  softens my skin and the aroma is fantastic. I am so looking forward to trying cherry and mango I am a big fruit person. I also love how it’s whipped which is so appealing. Thank you for sharing your product and I look forward to purchasing over the next years


Love the feel. Not heavy at all. Skin felt smooth and hydrated even after several washes.

Alexis Robinson-Feldman

If you haven’t tried to order any of these whipped to perfection, awesomeness natural Shea Butters, you are missing out. They really all smell so great it’s hard to narrow down which one to buy. I love the sweet grape like crazy!

Just Tanga

Ever since my brother has introduced me to his DC Shea Souffle I discontinued using lotions and other creams that I thought were helping my extremely dry skin. Now for the past 60 days of applying the Shea Souffle my skin from my feet to my head feels baby soft and very smooth. Without question hands up I'm hooked and stay soft. Thank you DC

Barrz Godesteem

These products are AMAZING! It's a great moisturizer for my family's skin and hair. I'd highly recommend that everyone try this.

Shontavia Rochelle Edwards

Shea butter takes away rashes on my baby body and face within 3 days. l cant believe it at first but it work so perfect. Thank  you guys for this great product.